Want 10k followers within a month? Here’s 10 Tips to Grow Fast on TikTok

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I got over 10,000 followers on TikTok within 24 days of joining TikTok without knowing anything before I started. It was a wild ride and now my TikTok follower count grows steadily without me posting too much. I know it was mostly luck, but I also followed the advice of many TikTok experts to improve my odds.

Here’s the best advice I was given and some experts I recommend if you are looking to build your TikTok following. This platform changes constantly and you’ll want to follow real TikTok experts to keep up with it.

Quick Overview First

Growing on TikTok works completely differently than any other social media platform. When you post a video, TikTok will share your video with a small group of people (50-200ish). Depending on how many of those people watch or react to your video, it will share your video to a larger group. And so on! Each video has the unique opportunity to go viral.

If you don’t include hashtags, TikTok will send your video out randomly. If you include hashtags, TikTok will share your video with people interested in those subjects. If you want a following that is more likely to care about your content, be sure to include hashtags on most videos. By focusing on a niche, TikTok is better able to share your videos with an audience that will engage with your content and help you grow.

My TikTok niche matches this website: I share side hustles you can do from home. I focus on easy side hustles for stay at home moms, but they can apply to anyone that wants to make money online. I’m keeping it real by taking all of you on my journey.

Why grow on TikTok?

It’s an excellent way to rapidly grow your platform and drive traffic.  You can drive that traffic to your website. Or generate an email list. Or sell directly through TikTok. Once you have over 1,000 followers, you get to share a link in your bio. Make it count.

Top 10 Tips From TikTok Experts

10. Be Consistent

All platforms reward consistency. Post 3-4 times a day until you get over 10k followers.


9 . Be Authentic!

You need to show your face in most videos to connect. You’ll run across videos where the person is uncomfortable or doesn’t believe what they are saying. If you are real with yourself and your audience, that will come through.


8 . Find Your Voice

Post A LOT in the beginning to find your style and don’t delete those awkward videos. In my first video, I was too uncomfortable to speak so I just smiled with a filter and some music on. It took a while until I got comfortable posting on TikTok. That wouldn’t have been possible without creating lots of content.

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7 . Stick with a Personal Account

A personal account gives you access to copyright music to do the popular trends. You’ll be able to add a link in your bio once you get over 1,000 followers.


6. Have a “Hook” or Two

Say or do something in the first 3 seconds that engages your audience so they stop and watch. Some experts recommend you double down on each hook with a second hook. Here are some examples:

  • First Hook: How to get _____ in 24 hours
    • Second Hook: And I got it for free
  • First Hook: This is why your ____ isn’t working
    • Second Hook: And it’s not what you think
  • First Hook: I just got ____ and you can too
    • Second Hook: Use my simple hack


5. Add a Call to Action

Be sure your videos have a CTA that builds your account. Like “follow me for part 2” or “like and follow for more” or “leave a comment.” Try to include these in the middle of your video right after your hook as most viewers won’t make it to the end of your video.


4. Provide Quality Content

After your hook, follow through with legit information. People will follow you if you give them quality content.

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3. Have Good Lighting and Sound

Lighting and sound are HUGE! Moving around with multiple cuts and different noises in the background can be fun and help your videos. But no one is going to watch your videos if they can’t see you and hear you clearly. Be sure you focus on that.


2. Improve Your Odds

So much of this is luck. Some people get a million views in their first week and, for others, it takes time. So follow these tips, post high quality content regularly, and keep up with the experts. Luck will hit.


1. Have Fun!

I couldn’t stand this recommendation at first, but it is true: you need to have fun doing this. If posting on TikTok isn’t fun for you, you aren’t going to stick with it and you aren’t going to be authentic in your videos. So don’t focus on the numbers, focus on making this something you enjoy doing.

Experts to Follow

I recommend following quite a few TikTok experts. Each one has their own perspective and, by following a few, you’ll have a more well-rounded understanding of the various ways you can find success. Here are some I really appreciate.

I started with a specific video that helped me from each:

JT Barnett – Very authentic. Solid hooks and perspective.

Sydney On Socials – Get trending videos and tips.

Elsa Social Finance – Makes accounts go viral fast with proof.

Justin Schuman – I appreciate every authentic video.

Coach Stone – Lots of value here.

Sean – Sean reads the terms and conditions so you don’t get banned.

There are many more TikTok coaches so find ones that connect for you.

And there you have it! I made 3 mistakes you can read about too. But I’d rather make mistakes than not try at all. My biggest regret is not trying all this sooner.

Since I share side hustles like affiliate marketing strategies with awesome people like you, my content naturally will contain affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own.

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