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After multiple trials and hours of research, these are the BEST tools and resources that I have found on my journey to make money online.


As an affiliate of all of these tools, I keep this page up-to-date with the best deals possible. Please note that this means I’ll make a small commission if you choose to purchase the tool using my link. My opinions are my own and I only promote tools that I’m proud of.


So check these out and see if any of these are right fit for you:

My #1 priority is building passive income. I’m doing that by recording quick product review videos that go onto Amazon product pages. I learned everything from this incredible Anonymous Influencer course. I made nearly $1,800 in my first month and keep growing from there! Watch their free webinar or read my full breakdown of the course.

I rely on Helium 10 daily in my freelancing work to write optimized Amazon Listings (and finding products to review). If you want to sell on Amazon or get paid as a freelancer writing Amazon Listings, Helium 10 is key is leveling up your listings. Learn how I use Helium 10 to make solid profits by writing Amazon Listings.

AI Copywriting has come a LONG way and Jasper AI has been my favorite paid tool. It helps me crank out high quality content for blog posts, Amazon listings, video scripts, emails, and so much more. Learn how Jasper will help you make more money. *Heads up that they ask for a credit card for your free trial. For a totally free substitute, ChatGPT is free while in beta and I actually use both nowadays!

Canva is a must for anyone who needs to create visuals for their brand or business. It’s an easy to use drag-and-drop platform that even the most non-tech savvy person can use. I use Canva Pro for the transparent backgrounds, pro images, and editing my short-form videos. 

I’ve used DreamHost for 15 years (unlimited hosting plan!) because the excellent user experience, top notch customer support, and high quality hosting for a great price. If you are looking for a web hosting provider, here are 5 reasons why you should pick DreamHost.

If you are just starting out, there is nothing quite like a quality course to save you months of frustration and increase your odds of making money out the gate. I cannot speak highly enough of the Brambila Method. Amazing teachers, excellent group support, and you’ll learn how to make money today and for years to come. Here’s what you’ll get.

WordPress is free and amazing, but it gets even better with high quality themes. Elementor gives you everything you need to build out your top notch website and landing pages with simple drag-and-drop tools. I use Elementor on all of my sites. It also gets me a better deal 🙂

This page contains affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own.