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My kids are both in school and I have time to start my side hustles from home. One of the best parts of making money online is that there are limitless ways to do it. While I work on long-term passive-income projects, I want to earn money from the beginning so I used Fiverr.

By doing side gigs on Fiverr, you can make money this week and build your passive income stream. You can be full-time mom when your kids are home and have a business you can do on your own time.

Let me walk you through it:

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for digital services. As a seller, you offer a service called a “gig” at no up-front cost to you. You pick your price and set your boundaries. Fiverr promotes your gig to potential buyers for you.

When a buyer hires you, they pay in advance. If you do the gig, you’ll get paid. You split your earnings with Fiverr, 80% to you and 20% to Fiverr. Do a good job and you’ll get positive reviews, leading to more sales and being able to charge higher prices.

If you create quality gigs that people are interested in (I’ll show you how in my next post), you’ll be busy. And the best part is that you can adapt your offerings anytime you want. Fiverr will do all the promoting and coordination.

Fiverr protects you from scammers and ensures that you get paid for your work. After fully running my own businesses, 20% off the backend is a steal. I spent that much having to market myself. And invoicing was never stress-free like it is with Fiverr.

What can you sell on Fiverr?

Nearly anything you can sell digitally can be sold on Fiverr. You’re mostly limited by your imagination. One seller is making $50 per sale for a Dungeons and Dragons map. They very likely made the map once and resell it (templating is a great way to work smart and earn more). Another seller is creating custom board games. Fiverr is simple supply and demand.

If you have any imposter syndrome holding you back, shake it off. Write down a list of what you are good at, know a lot about, or are willing to do the research to do the gig. You got this!

In my next post, I’ll give you some tricks to find the gigs that will make you money this week.

The secret trick to build your passive income stream

While you can make a solid living doing gigs on Fiverr, it is a stepping stone to what is possible!

Instead of only doing a gig, upsell! Ask them to sign up for your email list with a relevant freebie. Share any affiliate links for products you know can help them. These people are paying you to solve their problems so you have extra insight into what might help them. In upcoming posts, I’ll show you how to do this with authenticity. For now, know that you’ll be able to build your email list and affiliate revenue while making money.

Wrapping Up

I earned my first gig (for $95) within 2 days of posting on Fiverr. Within three weeks, I had more gigs than I could handle and I put a limit on the number of open orders so I could focus on being with my kids after school.

Fiverr gave me so much right out of the gate:

  • Income
  • Constant reminders that I am competent
  • Practice with skills that will help me with my other pursuits (while getting paid!)
  • Warm leads for affiliate marketing
  • Flexibility to work when I had time.

If you do ONE thing today, go sign up for Fiverr. Take the first step and fill out your profile. Just do it. Start small. Don’t get overwhelmed by all that is possible. Do one thing at a time, do it well, and you will find success.

For step-by-step instructions, check out Your Guide to Becoming a Successful Fiverr Seller Today.


Since I share side hustles like affiliate marketing strategies with awesome people like you, my content naturally will contain affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own.

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