Your Website is Your Best Home Base for Lifetime Earnings

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If you’re serious about making money online, you need a website.

Your website ties everything together. You run all your affiliates and cross-linking through it. Connect other side hustles to improve your SEO. You can sell directly from it. Your website legitimizes you and gives you easy ways to provide more to your audience. All side hustles from home should have a website.

Mindmap of website and possible side hustles connecting to and through it.

I’ll show you how to do all the above and more as you follow me on this blog. YOU get to pick what excites you. Choose what you think you can do while still prioritizing your family and your own needs.

And here’s the kicker:

A website with affiliate links is all you need to earn passive income. Add one other side hustle and you’ll grow even faster.

It’s not hard work, but it takes consistency, time, and optimization.

You may not see anything for many months and that’s normal. Keep giving at least 30 minutes a day (take off days whenever you need to!) and it will start rewarding you if you follow my steps.

This is why I like starting with Fiverr. I’ve talked a lot about Fiverr as it’s a great way to get momentum. Fiverr puts money in your pocket from the start. It can win you your first warm leads and affiliate sales. And you get to practice skills you can use in other parts on your online side hustles.

Whatever side hustles you choose are all pieces of a larger strategy.

Pick a Niche

When you start your online business, think of your niche and your target persona. Big ones are beauty, health, fitness, and wealth. But be sure you pick something that resonates with YOU. Why? Because you are going to be looking at it for a long time.

Another key piece is to focus on helping others. Your generosity will pay you back. Share everything you learned without up-charging. ONLY promote affiliate deals that you have fully vetted and are proud to share.

I find this all to be a win-win. With the right set-up, you are helping others learn about a topic that benefits them. You’ll make money at no extra cost to them when they buy products and services you recommend. Often your audience will get deals going through you.

Create a Target Persona

Once you have your niche, drilling down to a target audience will help you .

Brainstorm the type of person that you want to target. Get specific. Name your person. Find a photo of them on a free photo site and write out the following:

Personal Details – gender, family, living situation

Demographics – age range, education, household income

Career Background –  career history and what they are doing now

Career Goals – why are they working? What do they dream of?

Personal Interests – what are their interests outside of work?

Attitudes and Values – name overarching values

Challenges – what challenges are they facing

Potential Bottlenecks – why would they not want to buy your products or services

Simplify your brainstorming session and turn it into a single page. Include the picture and name of the person. Refer to this page anytime you need to re-focus. Ask yourself if this person would want to read or watch what you are creating? Will they connect with it? Will they immediately understand how it benefits them?

Your offerings will depend on your niche. START SMALL. It’s easy to get excited and take on too much too fast.

No one online notices if you burn yourself out. They will forget you if you lose momentum and stop posting. But your family will notice! When I get too excited, my son complains and my daughter asks for more screen time. I was posting on TikTok and Instagram and realized it was too much for me. So I stopped putting time into Instagram as TikTok has more value to me. Finding my balance is a constant challenge. But I’m thrilled to have a project that helps others and helps my family.

A Niche Example

My family is currently building a tiny house in the middle of the woods. We’ve delved deep into solar, water purification, insulation, heating, and so much more. This could easily be a niche website. I could blog about it or just make YouTube and TikTok videos. On my website, I would run landing pages to collect email addresses. I would send visitors to affiliate sites of recommended products. On Fiverr, I could sell tiny home layout templates or tiny home planning consults for side gigs. I’d upsell my Fiverr gigs with various product recommendations on my website.

My target persona might be an outdoor enthusiast who likes roughing it. Or a well-off engineer who hates camping. Or perhaps a young couple making it work on a small urban plot of land.  I’d need to think through who actually is willing to take on such a project and create my content for them.

Start with that Website!

Check out my first post on how to start your niche website here. However you start it, get up those first few posts and pages. Get your home base in order.

You can do this all yourself or hire someone to do it for you. There are excellent Fiverr sellers who will create this for you. Be sure to pick one that will build a site that is easy for you to edit. I recommend looking for a builder that uses the Elementor drag-and-drop WordPress theme.

Once you have your website up, think about your priorities. If you want to earn quickly to fund building your online business, check out my posts on Fiverr. If you want to keep it low-pressure and are willing to wait for the pay-off of your efforts, keep posting and adding affiliate links. Share your posts on Pinterest, Facebook groups, and Qoura. If you’re ready to step on the gas, jump onto TikTok and push hard. I’ll talk about all these topics in upcoming posts.

Know that your website is the gift that keeps on giving. With SEO, it will continue to grow on its own and will withstand any downturns that happen on social media platforms. It is YOURS. Plant your seed and watch it grow. With or without your regular tending.

If you are a stay-at-home mom with young kids and cannot work on your site consistently, at least start it. Add to it when you have time. And don’t stress about it. Starting now will give you a leg up when you are ready to dive in fully.

If you are comfortable, share your website in the comments. Let me know if you want feedback and I’ll do my best to review it as well.

Since I share side hustles like affiliate marketing strategies with awesome people like you, my content naturally will contain affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own.

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  1. Hello Love your videos and your pages are very helpful if one knows what there doing LOL .My name is June Hymers, I have been trying to find a neich I did the affiliate marketing for a while and had to pay to up grade. Then tried something else but every time I try I am paying for this or that I am broke. Well enough about that That is awsome what you and your family are doing do you live in the United States? I am in Ontario Canada How many acres do you have? I am new to all this but it can be great fun LOL. Thank you kindly for sharing. If you can help me to get of the ground I would be most gratfull.

    1. Hi June! I try to keep my information simple, but yeah, there isn’t a foolproof step-by-step guide for this stuff. Everyone runs into unique issues and there are so many ways to do everything. You should NEVER have to pay to do affiliate marketing so please be sure to avoid anything that wants you to pay upfront or to upgrade. I hope my articles help. I’ve been meaning to post information on affiliate marketing too, but have been swamped with other work.

      I’m in the US. We live in a city so zero acres 😉

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